Bicycle route Vorokhta – Urochishche Chertizh – mountain Rizha – mountain Dilok – Mountain Dil – Vorokhta

Route and legend: Vorokhta-Dovbushivka-Podini-Bukovina-urochishche Chertizh-Yavory-m. Rizha (1276.8 m)-m. Dilok-m.Dil (1280.3 m)-Voitul-Vorokhta, length of path with fluent climb +500.

Turn to the left  from “Truten” (direction to Verkhovina).

Ride through railway crossing, new church with gold domes (on the left), then descent and bridge (1.70 km). Move forward to the left upwards, near old, wooden church.

Ride on the earth road (street) to Kaplichka, leave it on the right and go to the left upwards. 

Then go without turning to the very crotch (5.00 km) on this “main” road. Our direction is middle road.

Then go straight until you see the bench near the road. You can have a rest... You will see several houses (Bukovina). Then go forward until the crotch (6.57 km). Our direction is to the left.

In ten meters – turn to the right downward along the path.

Crotch (6.99 km). Our direction is to the left downwards along the “main” road.

Then we reach “Potik” (7.14 km), and can drink water from it.

Urochochshe Chertizh.

Ride through the “Potik”

And reach “Staya” (8.03 km).

Crotch (8.60 km). Our direction is to the right.

Crotch is in 10 meters. We shall turn to the left (counting from the right – second turn).

Ride down the main road (8.78 km) to the left. Name of the place is “Yavory”.

Keep to this road until the next crotch (10.30 km). Then turn to the right.

In 300 meters sharp turn to the left – up the river-bed “potika”.

Crotch (10.80 km) – continue along rivr-bed “potika” against the stream. Crotch is in 200 meters – our direction is to the left upwards along the river-bed.

Turn to the left (11.25 km) parallel to the river-bed.

Point 11.70 km –ride up to the left.

Point 14.06 km – turn to the left. We will see ‘staya’ in 1 km (15.10 кm).

Then further along the path.

Mountain Rizhi - 1276,8 m.

Crotch: to the left – straight forward (16.40 km). Our direction is straight forward – across the forest.

m. Malyi Dil (18.60 km). Our direction is upward along the road.

We can see another “Staya” (19.40 km).

In front of it, after turning to the left we can see spring with pure and cold water.

The return to “staya” and ride from it along the path to the forest. Mountain Dil (1280.3 m).

In point 21.5 km to the left, on the right we can see river, ride along this road to the very bridge under river Voitul. Then turn to the right and ride to Shalet Truten.