Bicycle route DOVGIY GRUN

Turn from TRUTEN to the left, direction to Verkhovina.

Ride along asphalt to the “club” (from the right, under red roof),

Behind which you should turn to the right (6.00 km).

Our direction is to the right.

River is to the left, out direction is to the right (6.34 km).

Turn to the left (6.54 km).


6.70 km. Turn to the right.

To the left – ride down to the river (6.83 km).

We propose you to have a rest in the shadow of “Prales” at 7.00 km

To the left, through the river (7.20 km).

To the left, across the bridge made of logs (7.38 km).

To the right, to the forest (8.32 km).


Turn to the left (8.52 km).

At the top – turn to the right (8.80 km).

9.62 km. Straight, as far as the red building.

9.82 km. To the left.

v. Voronenko. Church. Turn to the left (11.05 km).

6.54 km. To the right, through the river.

Railway passage (13.05 km), turn to the left.

Then road will bring us to the center of cultural life of Vorokhta – to the club (16.00 km). Then to the left and along the asphalt to TRUTEN, night’s lodging