Across the “Ruslana Hatki” go along the bridge across r. Prut, go sttaight along the path, set against the fence, to the gate.

Ride through permanent way, then – along path to the fence.

After the fence you will see crotch. Go to the right upwards.

From the very moment inadequate ascent starts – 2.3 km of rising with bicycle in your hands. Here you can see felt tress, 

stony path tending upwards,

and large stones, through which you should go...

Having passed 1.6 km, and from TRUTEN - 3.4 km, to the left we will see “Rocks”,
Turned to which we will have possibility to see wonderful panorama with a view to Vorokhta.

But do not relax, 800 meters of hard slope lie ahead us! Moreover, with bicycle in your hands. That is why, return to the path and go upwards!

Now we are on the top of m. Magura (1288.0). Altogether: for 4.2 km of slope we have +520 m !!!
View is exclusive!!! Especially after such rise...


From the very moment recreation bike tour starts.
In a moment we will ride to developed and haunted tourist place. Here you can put up a tent,
And enjoy fresh air and views...

After a while we get on the place equipped and visited by tourists where it is possible to put tent,

And to enjoy fresh air and kinds...

Continue descent, leave “Staya Pantelyuka” to the left, where you can taste fresh butsa and brynza.

Leave “Staya” to the left and continue riding downwards... "old center of Pyatikhatki”" (several half-ruined buildings), and further – upper station of lift ("kanatki").
Ride down along the lift line.

And go to the left...

Go down parallel to “kanatka” along the path, which will bring us to the bridge across river Prut.  Across the bridge to the asphalt, turn to the left and 500 m to Shalet Truten.