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Маnyava of a monastery


In 95 km. from Vorokhta (25 km. from Nadvirna), in picturesque gorge Karpatian mountains, the ancient village Manjava has settled down. Here, on a rock above the river there is an ancient monastery - monastery of 17 centuries. It has been based by natives of Athos monks Iovom Кnyaginetskim and Ivan Vishenskim. Date of basis Маnjava of a monastery should be counted 1608.

Манявский скит. Манявский скит. Манявский скит. Манявский скит.

Then about it the first mentions in annals have appeared. Once this monastery submitted directly Konstantinopol to the patriarch. In due time the big library of ancient printed books here settled down. Legends say, that in 30-40 years of XVIII century here repeatedly there was a known leader hutsulian insurgents Oleksa Dovbush. In 1620 Tsargorod patriarch granted to a monastery the right. In XV ІІ century in a monastery was up to 200 monks. It had in submission tens monasters in Galichina, on Bukovina and even in Moldova. In 1612 in a monastery was bilding Кrestovozdvizenskaja church.

Манявский скит. Манявский скит. Манявский скит. Манявский скит. 

In 1620-1621 a monastery have led round a defensive wall with three towers. However during turkish attack in 1676 the monastery has been destroyed and restored only in 1681. There is an assumption, that in territory of a monastery Ivan Vigovsky who has dyed in 1664 is buried hetman Ukraine. Still Маnjava the monastery is well-known for the iconostasis created at the end of XVII century by the icon painter Iov Коndzalevich. This majestic construction, the sizes 13 х 11 m, will consist of six numbers in which it is placed about 100 icons of the different sizes, from miniatures up to icons in size more than two meters. On the importance the iconostasis costs near to the same oustanding monuments, as Коzeletski an iconostasis on Chernigov and Sorochinski on Poltava. In 1970-1980 in a monastery significant restoration works have been lead. After that Маnjava the monastery has been declared by architectural reserve. At the moment in territory of a monastery it is located Кrestovozdvizensky a monastery of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Kiev Patriarchy.

дорога к Манявскому водопаду. дорога к Манявскому водопаду. дорога к Манявскому водопаду. дорога к Манявскому водопаду.

Well and above a monastery one of  falls - Маnjava a falls is located. To reach there it is possible only on foot, having overcome distance about 7 km. The height of a falls — about 20 m, water from him falls down several cascades. At bottom — small fine lake: if to be expiated in it, that, under the legend, you will rejuvenate. During old times pagan rites here were made. And pagan Gods close to the nature ostensibly help to keep a leaving youth.

на пути к Манявскому водопаду. Манявский водопад. Манявский водопад. Манявский водопад. 

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