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Karpatian mount honey

Natural beer honey is a product which is created with melliferous plants and beer family. Into structure of natural beer honey enters more than 400 organic and mineral substances due to what it(him) fairly name king of natural products. The structure, flavouring and medical properties of honey to a great extent depend not only on a botanical origin, but also from the ground, water and even air of that district where received honey. Therefore value of the honey collected from wild-growing медоносов in non-polluting district always is much higher, rather than the honey collected from commercial crops in polluted territories.

Honey of dark grades contain more microcells and каротинов, have the maximum(supreme) acidity, light - less аллергичны, with more refined taste and low acidity.

Pharmacological properties: natural beer honey shows имуномоделирующие, антибиотические, antimicrobic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, регенератные, cardiological, soothing, антистресовые and a lot of others. Honey quite answers statement Гипократа that the meal should be medicines, and a medicine - meal.

Application: natural beer honey is used for preventive maintenance and treatment of diseases:

    * Cardiovascular system: heart attacks, insults, a stenocardia, defects of heart, etc.;
    * Caused by infringement of a metabolism: a diabetes, infringement of digestion, infringements ферментативного and a hormonal exchange, etc.;
    * A gastroenteric path: a gastritis, дизбактериозах, колитах, ulcers, etc.;
    * An eye: a cataract, конюктивиты (honey from a white acacia), etc.;
    * лор bodies: an antritis, a tonsillitis, некрозы, etc.;
    * Gynecologic: erosion, inflammatory processes, etc.;
    * Leather(Skin): некрозы, a haemorrhage, hypostases, etc.;

Pledge of a birth of the healthy child is the use of natural beer honey by pregnant women (till 6-7 months), is especial in a combination to flower pollen. Babies, children, pupils or students who on a regular basis use honey, always develop physically and intellectually, more talented better.

The regular use of honey is powerful means of delay of ageing, makes active an organism of the person on fuller mastering of vitamins, microcells and other substances from daily meal, stimulates protective forces of an organism and counteracts adverse factors of an environment.

Direction of use: a recommended daily doze of the use of honey for children about(near) 30 гр., the adult 60-100гр. The best action is marked at the use of natural beer honey in the morning for 15-20 minutes before a breakfast, and before dream - 1 item л. Honey, 15-20 drops of juice of a lemon on a glass of warm water. It is useful to enrich periodically morning reception of honey 1ч.л. flower pollen that will add vivacity and confidence of on all the day. For the best removal of day time stresses and physical weariness it is useful to connect at evening reception of honey it(him) with dry dining rooms wine in "прикуску" or having dissolved in fault (1ст.л. honey on 150мл. fault). It is necessary to know, that the water solution of honey with cold water lifts acidity of gastric juice, and about heat - hot at reception for 15-20хв. before meal - reduces.
Contra-indications: an allergy on honey, a high level of sugar in blood.


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