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Mountain air

Mountain air well affects on health of the person. It is connected to many factors. First, mountain air is much purer(cleaner) city since contains much less a dust. Practically is not present in it(him) as also various industrial wastes and exhaust gases.

In mountains solar radiation is much stronger. It is connected to the greater transparency of air as with height the density of air goes down, the maintenance(contents) in it(him) a dust and паров waters. The sunlight kills many harmful microorganisms living in air, and decomposes organic substances. In it it is similar on action to ultra-violet cleaners of air. Besides solar radiation ionizes air, promoting formation(education) of negative ions of oxygen and ozone. At the lowered atmospheric pressure in mountain air contains less oxygen, that as it is paradoxical, also positively affects on health of the person.

Mountain air salutarily influences the general(common) condition of an organism: as a result of stay in conditions of a mountain atmosphere work respiratory, cardiovascular and central nervous systems improves, work of a bone brain as кроветворящего body is stimulated, the maintenance(contents) эритроцитов and hemoglobin in blood raises, functioning кислородтранспортных systems is normalized. In result at the person the general(common) state of health improves, serviceability and immunity raises.

Recently in medicine receive distributions such techniques as оротерапия (treatment by mountain air) or нормобарическая гипокситерапия (treatment by rarefied air with the lowered maintenance(contents) of oxygen). The significant number of infringements blood, cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous vegetative systems is the result of infringement of an oxygen exchange between cells(cages). The purpose гипокситерапии - "to train" cells(cages), to accustom them to work in conditions of the lowered maintenance(contents) of oxygen in an atmosphere that they made active those mechanisms кислородообмена which functioning is broken. Гипокситерапия excludes by-effects as безмедикаментозный a way of treatment.

In result гипокситерапии microcirculation in bodies and cells(cages) improves, the damaged(injured) vessels are restored, the quantity(amount) of antibodies that promotes increase of immunity raises. Action эндокринной systems is stimulated.

Гипокситерапия it is applied to preventive maintenance and treatment of the following diseases:

    * Diseases of cardiovascular system (ischemic illness of heart,
    * нейроциркулярная a dystonia,
    * Hypertonic illness),
    * Chronic illnesses of respiratory system (a bronchitis, a bronchial asthma, эмфизема easy),
    * гипопластическая and железодефицитная anemias,
    * A stomach ulcer of a stomach and a duodenal gut,
    * Neurosises and астеноневротические conditions,
    * эндокринные diseases and so forth.

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