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Berries in Vorokhta



Except for vitamin Р, a bilberry have zinc and lame which also add forces due to that start a power exchange of an organism. Also these microcells participate in synthesis of insulin which delivers glucose in an organism. Therefore the bilberry is useful not only to people with high physical loadings, but also to diabetics. But, perhaps, the most useful property of a bilberry — its ability to improve sight. To this action she is obliged to rather rare microcell to manganese and specific substances — antocians which this berry abounds. They are capable to restore a retina — a site of eyeballs which the brain perceives that sees an eye. Therefore from a bilberry sight, especially night always improves. As to influence of a bilberry on a chair the fresh berry therefore it is good to eat with her at at frustration of a chair, but it is not necessary to do it by that who suffers locks), and here dried — has laxative an effect (therefore it is good at locks).

черника в Карпатах. черника в Карпатах. черника в Карпатах. черника в Карпатах. 

Wild strawberry.

The main riches of wild strawberry — S.Tot samyj's vitamin which strengthens walls of vessels, normalize permeability of capillaries due to what bruises disappear and support immunity. The daily doze of vitamin With you will be given with 2 glasses of wild strawberry. Take into account, that vitamin With which basic role — development(manufacture) of hormones of stress stimulates work of adrenal glands. It, on the one hand, raises serviceability, but, with another, creates to an organism easy stress. Therefore younger " the wood strawberry " should not be used before dream. The best time for the use of this berry — first half of day. Gives forces also iron with which the wild strawberry is rich. It is part of red blood bodies and helps to transfer oxygen. Therefore the more in an organism of iron, the all better breathe his(its) sections. Because of it the wild strawberry is useful to everyone who suffers from iron of a scarce anemia, and also women in critical days. And here cautious with wild strawberry it is necessary to be аллергикам, and that who suffers a gastritis.

  • Juice from leaves and fruits is good at an anemia, as tonic, healing, anti-inflammatory, knitting, diuretic means. Strawberry juice is rather useful at gastritises, rheumatism, a rickets, a parodontosis, skin problems. Cases when in medical practice becoming wet purulent экземы were cured by lotions from strawberry juice are known.
  • Juice of berries of wild strawberry also is very good at an anemia, hypertonic and ulcer illnesses, for excitation of appetite, at bleedings as antiseptic and antibacterial means, it(him) use for removal(distance) угрей and pigmentary spots.
  • Juice from stalks, leaves, цветков and fruits recommend at a sleeplessness, cold, a diabetes, a fibroma of a uterus, a tuberculosis, an asthma, urolithic illness and a gout.
  • Contra-indications: do not use a berry and juice of wild strawberry at pregnancy, gastritises with the raised(increased) acidity. Besides strawberry juice - very strong allergen!

земляника в Карпатах. земляника в Карпатах. земляника в Карпатах. земляника в Карпатах. 


Bushes of a blackberry for certain are familiar to all. Their thrickets, frequently completely impassable because of the bent prickles on branches, it is possible to meet in many places, both on plains, and in mountains. Favourite places of a blackberry - dumps, light large forests, cuttings down, обочины roads and solar slopes. Feature - flowering is stretched(dragged out) since May till the winter. During this time there are breaks in flowering, then bushes again begin to blossom. On one bush it is possible to find simultaneously flowers both unripe and already ripe fruits. Quite often the blackberry blossoms even at the first snow. Flowers white and light pink. Fruits all over again firm as a stone, green, later they redden, and in process of maturing get bluish-black painting. At numerous subspecies fruits are to a greater or lesser extent covered with a light blue raid(film), more largly or more finely, aqueous or fragrant. Large plumose bottom leaves - from 5 leaflets; Leaflets  the forms pointed, from above smooth, from the bottom party(side)  edge(territory). Sometimes  from the bottom party(side) are supplied with thorns.

Leaves of a blackberry due to presence of tannins are soft knitting means which well approaches for treatment of easy intestinal diseases.

  • Accept broth from leaves at gastritises and gastric bleedings (10 г leaves on 0.5 л abrupt boiled water).
  • Prepare for medicinal tea: fresh leaves place in the closed glass or clay vessel where they are until will wither, then them hold on a water bath while they will not turn black, and dry up on air. The tea prepared from these leaves, gets aroma and the taste reminding taste of the Chinese tea.
  • At a dysentery prepare a syrup: take 500 г lumpy sugar and 250 г berries, cook on slow fire until, the dense syrup is not formed yet. Accept on 3-4 dining rooms of the spoon in day.
  • At treatment of chronic Qatar of intestines in national medicine use fruits of a blackberry both fresh and dried leaves.
  • Berries of a blackberry as tea are recommended as calming and strengthening means, is especial during a climax.
  • Berries possess action allocating sweat (use as a raspberry).
  • Leaves find application (as tincture) as a sedative at a hysteria, are used and at treatment of an atherosclerosis and hypertonic illness.
  • Use as rinsing at stomatitises (inflammations of a mucous membrane of a mouth) and colds insist leaves of a blackberry: take 50 г raw material on 1 л boiling water, 15-20 minutes insist, then filter in a gauze.
  • Insist leaves use at diseases of the top respiratory ways as отхаркивающее means. 1 dining room the spoon of the crushed leaves on 1 glass of boiled water, 4 hours insist and drink 30 minutes prior to meal on 100 г 3-4 times day.
  • At a short wind broth from branches of a blackberry helps.
  • At frustration of intestines apply broth from the leaves containing tannins: 1 part of raw material on 10 parts of water, is boiled with 20 minutes. Accept on 1 dining room to the spoon 3 times day.
  • Leaves of a blackberry possess healing wounds and anti-inflammatory properties. The crushed fresh leaves put to ulcers, лишаям, to chronic and purulent wounds.
  • At too long and plentiful monthly apply tinctures from leaves of a blackberry. Insist improves the general(common) state of health and normalizes dream, reduces excitability.

ежевика в Карпатах. ежевика в Карпатах. ежевика в Карпатах. ежевика в Капатах.


Perennial plant. Grows as an evergreen low-growing bush in height from 10 up to 30 see. The largest and sweet cowberry grows in pine woods. Leaves thick, from above it is dark, and from below light green. The cowberry in May - June blossoms. Leaves for the medical purposes collect only during flowering a plant.

Fruits of a cowberry – the red, sour - sweet berries ripening at the end of August – the beginning of September. The cowberry is more sweet than a cranberry, in it(her) there is more than sugar (up to 8-9 %) and less acids (2 %). Berries crude and dried, and also cooked – are not only dietary, useful means, but also curative.

Fruits of a cowberry contain free acids, citric, apple, vitamins With and A.No with the medical purpose apply leaves is more often. In them contains арбутин and флаванол, the significant amount of tannins and a wine acid, therefore them and apply as diuretic at stones of kidneys and stones of a bilious bubble, and also at illnesses of a liver and as knitting means at diseases of a stomach, and to at night недержании urine at children.

Berries use as against a scurvy and against a worm. Presence in berries бензойной acids causes an opportunity of long storage their fresh without cooking, drying and conservation by sugar. Juice from berries with water is good cooling, freshening and useful, a drink. To it(him) or to broth of leaves it is very useful to add beer honey – one teaspoon on a glass.

  • Insist from leaves of a cowberry it is applied as diuretic means at diseases of kidneys, a liver, and also at rheumatism and a gout. 10 г leaves fill in 100 г boiled water, 2 hours insist, filter. Accept on 1-2 dining rooms of the spoon 3-4 times day before meal.
  • Berries of a cowberry use at an avitaminosis.
  • At the general(common) weakness, cold, locks, a headache, a flu accept a drink from juice of a cowberry. 50 г juice dilute 150 г the cooled boiled water, add sugar or honey to taste. Drink on 100 г 3-4 times day after meal.
  • At locks, illnesses of a liver, kidneys, колитах accept on 100 г настоя berries of a cowberry 4 times day before meal. 200 г berries pour in a colander boiling water, and then insist in 400 г the cooled boiled water of 6 hours.
  • ATTENTION: Leaves and a berry of a cowberry have no any contra-indications!

брусника в Карпатах. брусника в Карпатах. брусника в Карпатах. брусника в Карпатах.


Represents a bush forming runaways in height 50-150 see. Branches of a bush biannual, prickly, direct or bent, in the first summer green without branches, in the second with a brown bark, the branches, blossoming and fructifying. Leaves of a raspberry of two or трепарные, on flower branches тройчатые, from above green, from below covered with pile white or grey, fall down in the autumn. Time of flowering of a raspberry falls at June - July. A berry sweet and fragrant костянка which is easily separated from a receptacle during gathering. Color of a berry red, sometimes happens жёлто-white.

Malines quickly grows on fresh cuttings down with sated почвами and grows on them for 20-30 years. The best time for gathering berries July - August. To Malines use, as well as in a fresh kind, and put in kissels, pies, berry and flour mixes, etc. The Berry store(keep) in the frozen and dried kind, do(make) of it(her) juice and jam.

Malines — the richest berry under the maintenance(contents) of useful substances and vitamins. The national medicine recommends to apply berries, broths of young branches and roots of a raspberry at cold, a flu, and broth from leaves and roots at cough, quinsy.

  • Broths and tinctures from leaves of a raspberry are good at Qatar of a stomach and an intestines, gastric bleedings, illnesses of bodies of breath. This berry it is possible to lower arterial pressure.
  • She(It) perfectly treats and the atherosclerosis, reduces a level of cholesterol in blood. At an atherosclerosis, hypertensions, gastritises, колитах, an anemia are useful fresh berries of a raspberry: on an empty stomach on 150 г 3 times day.
  • At a bronchitis and a pneumonia it is possible to take fifty-fifty insist dried berries of a raspberry, leaves " mother and stepmothers ". A dining room the spoon of gathering to make a glass of boiled water, to insist within one hour, to filter and drink on 1/3 glasses three times day in a warm kind.
  • Initial stages of a diabetes can be treated crimson juice, accepting on 1/3 — 1/4 glasses of juice inside for 30 — 40 minutes up to meal 3 times day and gradually leading up a single doze up to a glass.
  • At frustration in work of a stomach (a heartburn, pains, feeling of weight after meal) are useful leaves, flowers, young branches of a raspberry. Two dining rooms of the spoon of raw material in a glass of boiled water also insist hour. Drink on 1/3 glasses 3 times day in 20 minutes after reception of food.
  • The stomach ulcer and a duodenal gut is better for treating juice of a raspberry, instead of a berry. Juice drink on 1 — 1,5 dining rooms of the spoon for 15 minutes before each reception of food.
  • At an inflammation a century, an eye, wash out the person crimson water.
  • For clarification of an organism on a dining room to the spoon of berries of a raspberry and цветков lindens залейте 300 ml of boiled water also allow to be insisted in a thermos hour. Insist filter and drink hot for the night.

мплина в Карпатах. малина в Карпатах. малина в Карпатах. малина в Карпатах.  


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