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Museum of flora and fauna of Carpathian mountains


The study of local lore museum of flora and fauna of Carpathian mountains is placed in territory of reserve Verhnee (Knjazhdvir (Kolomyja)). Here it is possible to familiarize with the information on a history of edge, breed of rare and disappearing animals, birds and plants of Prikarpatye. Interesting and various collections of rare insects, samples of breeds of trees, minerals, an exposition of "Product of the nature" are submitted.

The basic purpose unique botanical state reserve "Knjazhdvir" (near to with. Verhnee (Knjazhdvir), reg.Kolomyja), preservation in a natural condition rare in Ukraine and one of the biggest in Europe of plantings of a yew berry, having scientific and practical value is. Here valuable oak and beechen groves of a natural origin are protected. In 1913 here it was totaled more than 20.000 trees and bushes of a yew berry, in 1914 the territory became reserved, and in 1974 status of reserved territory has been restored. The general area заказника - 206 га, including covered with a wood of a natural origin - 36 га, covered with a wood of an artificial origin - 20 га.

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