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Silent hunting in Vorokhta


Being sent in a wood on «silent hunting», it is necessary to have even a minimum of the mushrooms given about features as edible and poisonous mushrooms grow a beside and are frequently very similar under the form and painting, it is especial when they still young. Sometimes on appearance mushrooms are difficult for distinguishing even to the expert, therefore even the minimum of knowledge already though is a little, but will secure you and your relatives against an opportunity to confuse edible mushrooms with their poisonous "doubles".

Mushrooms, due to the contents of nutrients, such as fibers, vitamins and other, are a delicious dish for people and animals. Since the most ancient times mushrooms played a feed of the person the important role.
Every year because of not knowledge or on imprudence of the mushroom picker alongside with edible in I peep gets much and poisonous kinds of mushrooms. On character of caused poisonings poisonous mushrooms can be divided into three groups:

  • Kinds with local action of poisonous substances contained in them, for example frustration of digestion which is quickly shown and then usually quickly passes;
  • the kinds containing poisonous substances, working on nervous system, for example a red fly agaric;
  • the kinds containing poisonous substances which amaze a liver, kidneys, blood system and lead to a fatal outcome, for example "pale mush".

There are some errors concerning poisonous mushrooms. So, for example, it is considered, that личинки insects and are "eaten" only with edible mushrooms. However it is enough to cut a leg or шляпку an adult fly agaric, and error развеется, you are convinced, that insects eat poisonous mushrooms with not smaller апетитом, than edible. As it is impossible "to neutralize" poisonous mushrooms their boiling down in salty water with vinegar. The given methods on recognition and decrease in action of poisonous mushrooms not only are not true, but also dangerous to a life.

At a campaign in a wood behind mushrooms let's observe the following elementary rules:

Take with itself a sharp knife, срезая mushrooms, you cможете to be convinced, that they are not struck личинками insects. In ground there will be not a part necessary to us and at the same time the mycelium will not be damaged. Pay attention! At cutting young russulas it is necessary to remember, that at them should be absent вольва at the basis of a leg which is characteristic for poisonous mushrooms, such, as pale поганка and other fly agarics.
If there is no knife mushrooms can be collected and simple cautious покручиванием legs, instead of simple it from the ground. Such way allows to protect a mycelium from damages.

Mushrooms are desirable for collecting in, it is not necessary to use for these purposes polyethylene packages from shop, plastic container, and as the zinced buckets. It will allow further at transportation to avoid formation(education) of toxic products of decomposition of mushrooms or transition of heavy metals (zinc and others) in the collected mushrooms.

Axioms of "silent hunting":

  • We collect only those mushrooms about which precisely we know, that they are really edible;
  • never we collect mushrooms of which "breed" we doubt;
  • necessarily we know and we remember attributes of fatally poisonous mushrooms.

As it is not collected in a pursuit of quantity "overripe", clammy, flabby, worm-eaten mushrooms with traces of a mould on шляпке or a leg. They, as a rule, already contain toxic products of ability to live личинок different insects or disintegration of fibers, and as other connections.
The cleaned mushrooms should be subjected to " culinary processing » in day of gathering, but not later than morning the next day (under condition of their storage in a refrigerator).

Always we remember what to poison it is possible also some edible mushrooms provided that they have long lain in heat as fibers quickly decay, forming thus the toxins concerning to ptomaines.

It is not necessary to collect mushrooms near to fields where processing of crops by pesticides was carried out(was spent), in city feature, and also near to automobile and railways, about dumps of household waste products, especially on former and working proving grounds, etc. as mushrooms have property to accumulate salts of heavy metals and radioactive elements. Thank God, around Vorokhta last advice does not concern to collecting mushrooms.

A feed of mushrooms occurs by simple the dissolved substances the cells and in connection with that the mycelium has the big area, occurs toxic substances which get in ground. The mushroom in such conditions gets as though new properties, and «there are mutants», therefore mushrooms are necessary for boiling down before the use. As a rule it is hour of cooking on slow fire. It will allow to clear them of possible presence of harmful connections which will pass to broth essentially.

On a national method always I throw in a saucepan the cleared bulb. Its(her) dimness after cooking mushrooms should signal about hit in a saucepan of a mushroom poisonous. It is necessary to remember, that this national method not is 100 % a guarantee, therefore the most reliable indicator there should be our eyes and experience at collecting and cleaning of mushrooms!!!

Mushrooms are product difficultly digested in a gastroenteric path, therefore it is not recommended to use mushrooms to pregnant and feeding women as they are contra-indicated for children till 8 years (irrespective of a way and time of preparation). However, and excessive single consumption of mushrooms can do much harm and to completely healthy person. Тоисть reasonable restraint in the use in I peep will not be in this case superfluous.

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