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Mushrooms in Vorokhta


White mushroom.

Tubular mushrooms. A mushroom large. The weight can reach(achieve) and 2 kg. A cap in diameter up to 20-25 sm, smooth or thin - felt, in damp weather slightly mucous. The edible mushroom, the first category. The most valuable in the food attitude(relation) from all mushrooms. Has about two tens forms.
Mushroom eat in a fresh, stewed, fried, dried and pickled kind. At drying the pulp of a mushroom does not darken, at pickling a hat legs - in cream are painted in orange-yellow color, and. The pulp dense, white, on a break does not change color, without taste, with a pleasant smell. At drying the pulp does not darken, it is possible therefore a mushroom have named white.
White mushrooms grow on a wood marge, on the parties(sides) of the small hollows going along wood roads, on the light places heated up by the sun. A hat be bright - brown dense, in the beginning spherical, then more flat. Its(her) painting depends on a place of growth. A leg of a mushroom big-bellied white, length up to 20 sm and thickness up to 10 see. First thicker from below, then almost cylindrical, thicker below or in the middle. Color of a leg albesent or be bright - brown with white or brownish mesh figure in the top part or on all leg. White mushrooms cost(stand) usually on one among a young grass.

белые грибы в Карпатах. белые грибы в Карпатах. белые грибы в Карпатах. белые грибы в Карпатах. 

Medium-sized edible mushroom, распостраненный from the beginning of summer(years) till late autumn in the coniferous, mixed and deciduous woods. Grows basically the big groups. Color of a hat varies from light yellow up to orange, diameter — from 3 up to 10 see. The form of a hat — all over again flat or slightly convex, in process of growth gets outlines воронки. The leg сросшаяся with шляпкой and one with it(her) of color, continuous, dense, smooth, to a bottom is narrowed, thickness from 1 up to 3 sm and length from 4 up to 7 see. Pulp of a mushroom dense, elastic, colors шляпки or светлее, with a few островатым taste. Спороносный the layer will consist of folded, thick, branching pseudo-plates of one color with a hat, descending on a leg. A sporous powder of yellow color. Distinctive feature " the fox the mushroom " ordinary is practically full absence in pulp of worms and their traces. In disputes and pulp " the fox the mushroom " ordinary is present хитинманноза, perniciously working on arthropods and гельминтов all kinds. Хитинманноза envelops capsules of eggs of parasites, dissolves her(it) and destroys contents. Since ancient times настоем лисичек treat furuncules, apostemes and quinsy. Besides " the fox a mushroom " detain growth of a tubercular stick.

Contains vitamins В2, With, etc. Under the maintenance(contents) of carotin surpasses all known mushrooms.

лисички в Карпатах. лисички в Карпатах. лисички в Карпатах. лисички в Карпатах.

The honey agaric.

This on popular and rather fruitful mushroom grows the big groups from the end of August till late autumn on stubs, roots, валежных and alive trunks deciduous, mainly birch, less often than coniferous trees, sometimes in thrickets of a nettle. Шляпки in diameter up to 13 sm, at young mushrooms spherical, with the edge bent inside, then plano-convex with бугорком in the center, grey - yellow, yellowy-brown with shades, in the center more dark, with thin fine, sometimes absent brown чешуйками. The pulp dense, white with the pleasant smell, кисло-matching(кисло-knitting) taste, at old mushrooms can taste bitter a little. A plate slightly descending, white - yellow, then be bright - brown, at old mushrooms with dark пятнами, with a white raid(film) from dispute. Leg in length up to 15 sm, diameter up to 2 sm, cylindrical, below hardly утолщенная, with a white filmy ring in the top part, at шляпки light, below brown, with in локнистой pulp at young, rigid at old mushrooms. A sporous powder white. A honey agaric an autumn high-yielding edible mushroom. At young mushrooms (with a private(an individual) coverlet without a ring) all mushroom, at mature mushrooms with a ring - only шляпка for preparation of hot dishes, drying, a pickles, pickling is used. For hot dishes these mushrooms are necessary for boiling not less than 30 minutes as cases of a poisoning for the undercooked honey agarics autumn are known. Honey agarics autumn appear in usually early autumn for short term till 15 days then disappear. Under favorable conditions when not hot and a moisture suffices, honey agarics autumn are in July or the beginning of August, thus they can not appear or fructify in the autumn second time. As honey agarics autumn appear for short term it is important for mushroom pickers to not miss them for what in the autumn whenever possible it is necessary to visit(attend) places where these mushrooms usually grow or to watch(keep up) occurrence of these mushrooms in counter mushroom pickers and in the markets.

опята в Карпатах. опята в Карпатах. опята в Карпатах. опята в Карпатах.

The russula (yellow, green, red) concerns to a sort of russulas of family of russulas of group lamellar, grows on one and groups from the beginning of summer(years) of late autumn in the deciduous, coniferous and mixed woods, on marges, glades, among mosses. The hat in diameter up to 10 sm, at young mushrooms spherical, then plano-convex, little bit pressed in the center, fleshy, dry, with ribbed or smooth edge(territory), color various, frequently with large light tones, a thin skin of a hat does not reach edge(territory), is removed hardly. Pulp dense, white with nut sweetish taste, with a pleasant fruit smell. A plate often, narrow, attached or slightly leaving downwards on a leg, white, yellowish. A leg dense, short, length up to 4 sm, diameter up to 3 sm, cylindrical, continuous, a little bit narrowed to a bottom, hardly wrinkled, white. Sporous a powder white. The russula - a high-yielding, high-quality edible mushroom, is used without preliminary cooking for preparation of hot dishes, pickling, a pickles. Pulp very fragile.

грибыв Карпатах. грибы в Карпатах. грибы в Карпатах. грибы в Карпатах.  

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